Announcing the KAPS Group Suite of Text Analytics Services

If you are interested in text analytics and how it can transform how your organization utilizes unstructured text, the KAPS Group has a suite of services designed to help you.

Tom Reamy of the KAPS Group is Program Chair of the Text Analytics World conference and our next conference is March 29-April 1 2015 in San Francisco.  Join Us!

Text Analytics World is the only full spectrum text analytics conference. We will cover two main themes which are Big Data / Social Media and Enterprise Text Analytics (Search, Applications, taxonomy, knowledge management and more)

(New Presentations!) The 2014 Conference Season is over with 2 workshops on text analytics(Internet Librarian and KMWorld and three talks and at panel at Taxonomy Boot Camp

The KAPS Group is a group of knowledge architecture consultants with a wide range of skills and experience in information and knowledge management. Our current focus is on text analytics as a platform technology that enables everything from creating and maintaining a semantic infrastructure to the specific applications that are built on that infrastructure.

Our services include:

Text Analytics - everything from the selection and evaluation of text analytics software and a strategic understanding of how text analytics can benefit your organization to the development of categorization and entity extraction catalogs and sentiment (Voice of the Customer) applications.

Taxonomy, Ontology, and Metadata - the development of taxonomies in a variety of fields, the design of business ontologie, and the design and implementation of metadata

Implementation of information technology - such as search, content management, and portals, information architecture and web design, and strategic consulting.

What this knowledge architecture and text analytics focus means for clients and partners is:

  • taxonomy / categorization / sentiment catalog creation that is based on the latest theoretical perspectives and yet designed to achieve practical, real world results
  • technology implementations in which search, portals, text mining, collaboration and content management are semantically enriched and thus can finally achieve their potential to solve information overload.
  • knowledge management initiatives that blend deep strategic perspectives with the power of text analytics to produce real and measurable results.

Please explore the site, read articles and presentations written by our members, look at the services we offer and if you want to know more please contact us at KAPS Group Customer Relations or call 510.530.8270.