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Strategy Consulting

The KAPS Group offers a broad range of strategy consulting options, including general information and knowledge management but with a focus on text analytics as a foundation for multiple applications.

Typically we start with a knowledge architecture audit that creates a knowledge map of an organization's content and content structure, existing information technologies and any gaps, and the people and communities of the organization along with a characterization of information needs and behaviors.

The scale and output can range from a high level strategic road map to a set of specific technology, semantic resources, and project recommendations.

Smart Start

Text analytics, especially with a deep text approach, has enormous potential for transforming an organization's information capabilities. BUT, it is complex and outside the expertise of most organizations and it is difficult to determine the best way to start.

The KAPS Group has developed and perfected an approach called a Smart Start. A Smart Start begins with a short (or extended) Deep Text Audit. Step two is a quick survey of text analytics vendors (and other information technologies if needed). The survey is mapped to the organization's characteristics and needs. This survey reduces what can be a bewildering landscape of text analytics vendors to the top 2 or 3.

The final step is a Proof of Concept bake-off between the finalists that not only ensures the best selection but also can create the foundation for future development. The foundation includes both the semantic resources needed for full development, but also consists of a train-by-doing that produces trained text analytics people within the organization.

Our motto is "Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast".
Think Big: understand your information and knowledge environment
Start Small: do a quick POC that creates the foundation
Scale Fast: be prepared to utilize this foundation to build multiple applications

  Next Level Consulting

In recent years we have come across a phenomenon that is too common but can be fixed. The phenomenon can have different components but a universal theme - the organization is stuck in its attempt to improve information findability and usefulness. If any of this sounds like your organization, we can help:

  • You bought text analytics software and got it up and running but aren't happy with the results
  • You bought a new search engine but users are still not happy
  • You have a Content Management package but it doesn't deliver what you want
  • You have SharePoint installed but don't seem to be getting much value out of it
  • You have a KM program but is seems superficial and not very useful

The answer to all of these situations is the same - developing a text analytics foundation that can take all of these to the next level. With the right foundation, your organization can build multiple applications or improve the ones you have.

The KAPS Group has developed and perfected a process that examines the current environment and identifies what the missing elements are and how to fix them. We can deliver either a strategy paper or develop the missing pieces for your organization.

  Text Analytics Vendor Consulting

The KAPS Group partners with many text analytics companies and are familiar with many others. Based on our wide experience, we offer a consulting service to text analytics companies, including development or platform companies, social media and sentiment analysis companies, and others such as search or content management companies that want to add text analytics to their software.

This consulting includes:

  • Professional services where we help your clients get started with your software or take it to the next level
  • Product evaluation where we analyze your product and recommend improvements in features, usability, and more
  • Development of catonomies (taxonomies plus categorization rules) that can be offered as a product or a service

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