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  Consulting For Customers

Our Deep Text Audit and strategy consulting generates a deeper knowledge for the customer - their information environment and needs. This leads to better choices by the customer based on deeper knowledge of the possibilities.

Our Smart Start process helps the customer develop the foundation for successful implementations of multiple text analytics-based applications.

Our Next Level consulting helps customers move to the next level by helping them develop the missing pieces holding them back or developing new, more advanced applications.

  Development For Customers

Our development services, tailored to specific text analytics vendors, not only provides a complete foundation for multiple applications, it also provides training by doing. We also provide strategic and tactical guidance for what happens after the vendor and consultants leave.

  Applications For Customers

As in the areas above, it is the combination of technical and Deep Text expertise that creates successful applications.

  Training and Workshops For Customers

Using a combination of train-by-doing and our training offerings, the customer develops the expertise to create powerful applications and, what is too often ignored, a maintenance capability to keep the applications fresh and relevant as content and needs change.

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