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For Partners - Consulting

Our Deep Text Audit and strategy consulting generates a deeper knowledge of the customer - their information environment and needs. This leads to more successful engagements and happier customers. It also uncovers more potential applications of text analytics.

Our Smart Start process can be integrated with our partner's technical and software expertise and this creates a foundation for the customer to not only get started, but to build on that foundation. Each situation is unique but the basics of a Smart Start for Partners is:

  • 1.) Deep Text Audit - 2-4 weeks (depending on the size and complexity of the customer)
  • 2.) 4 week training of customer people - this is combined with the partner training in how to use the software but goes beyond to train customers in text analytics best practices.
  • 3.) 4 week development effort - build a basic foundation of semantic elements - taxonomies, ontologies, faceted metadata, etc.
  • 4.) Write a development and maintenance plan for the customer to build on the foundation

Our Next Level consulting is designed to adapt the Smart Start process to organizations that have stalled in their text analytics or other information initiatives. As with the Smart Start, we begin with a Deep Text Audit but with a focus on identifying the missing pieces and/or roadblocks to a robust solution. We can also develop those missing pieces such as a well-designed taxonomy or an information policy that fails to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of text analytics.

For Partners - Development

In addition to consulting, we can also develop or refine taxonomies, ontologies, and metadata schemas for the customer using the partner's software and our knowledge of good text analytics design. In addition, we can develop or refine catonomies on a wide range of topics including emotion for social media applications.

  For Partners - Applications

We can create a powerful text analytics foundation that can spell the difference between successful applications and mediocre or unsuccessful ones. In addition, we have years of experience of developing those applications - search, Info Apps like BI or e-discovery, social media or sentiment analysis applications and more. We can integrate our expertise with our partner's expertise.

  For Partners - Training

Our training packages adapted to the customer needs and the partner's software can take customers beyond simply knowing the basic mechanics of the software and provide them with the depth of knowledge to create and maintain sophisticated solutions to their information needs.

In addition, our training packages combined with a Deep Text Audit can educate the customer as to what can and can't (or shouldn't) be done with text analytics. This not only produces a more realistic approach but also tends to open the customer's eyes to a whole new world of potential uses of our partner's offerings.

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