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Introduction to Text Analytics

This is a three hour presentation of an introduction and overview of text analytics. It starts with an explanation of the main features and capabilities (text mining, entity extraction, auto-summarization, sentiment analysis, and auto-categorization). It then covers the business side of text analytics including potential ROI. Part II covers the how-to of text analytics development including best (and worst) practices. Part III cover the full range of applications and the best approach to creating the text analytics components of those applications.

Audience: General

1 Day Custom Workshop

This is a workshop that builds on the Introduction with more in-depth coverage and is customized for the client. The customization can be to focus on certain capabilities and can also include specific customer content and specific customer application development.

Audience: General to Intermediate

  2-5 Day Training Course

This training incorporates a custom workshop and adds additional hands on development training. We use either a specific text analytics software of the client's choosing or one of our partner's software. We cover how to use the software in general, but the emphasis is on how to develop good text analytics rules and semantic structures. It is meant as an introduction to development that the learner can continue to build on.

Audience: Text analytics developers or anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the strengths and limitations of specific approaches to text analytics

  2-4 Week Training Course

This training is designed to take a learner from novice to certified text analytics developer. There are two versions although most of the material is covered in both. The first is designed to train an analyst in a specific software that the client has or is in the process of buying. At the end of the course the learner is fully able to perform as a text analytics developer for the client company.

The second version is more general and covers multiple software packages. At the end of the course, the learner is certified as a text analytics consultant and is primarily designed for people who would like to make a living as a consultant - preferably with the KAPS Group.

Audience: Text analytics developers / would-be consultants

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