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Deep Text: The Book

Deep Text:
How to Conquer Information Overload, Get Real Value from Social Media, and Add Big(ger) Text to Big Data
By Tom Reamy of the KAPS Group

Deep text is an approach to text analytics that adds depth and intelligence to our ability to utilize a growing mass of unstructured text.

The book explains what text analytics is and how to get to get started. It describes text analytics applications and development best practices, discusses business issues including ROI, provides how-to advice and instruction, and offers guidance on selecting software and building a text analytics capability within an organization.

From the reviews:
"A treasure trove of technical detail, likely to become a definitive source on text analytics." - Kirkus Reviews

"One of the main strengths of this book, though, is that even when its content is highly technical, it is so well-organized and tightly written that it is quite enjoyable to read." - Kirkus Reviews

"A remarkably authoritative deep-dive into a field that will be brand-new to many and eye-opening for all." - Kirkus Reviews

"In the case of text analytics Tom Reamy (KAPS) knows all there is to know and has presented it with great clarity in his new book Deep Text, recently published by Information Today Inc." - Martin White

"This book will give you all the answers and is the definitive book on the business possibilities of the technology." - Martin White

Why Buy This Book

This is an important book whether you are just starting to explore how text analytics can help your organization or for anyone who needs to be on the text analytics cutting edge from developers and information professionals who create, manage, and curate text-based and Big Data projects to entrepreneurs and business managers looking to cut costs and create new revenue streams.

Whether you want to harness a flood of social media content or turn a mountain of business information into an organized and useful asset, Deep Text will supply the insights and examples you'll need to do it effectively.

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Deep Text is available from Information Today and Amazon
The ebook version is now also available at the following vendors:
Amazon Kindle
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If you want to know more about Deep Text and how the KAPS Group can help you get started using advanced text analtyics, please contact us at KAPS Group Customer Relations or call 510.922.9554.

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