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Discussion Groups

Text Analytics touches on almost all aspects of business so the number of potential discussion group topics that might be relevant is just about "all of the above". Here are some of my favorites from LinkedIn, Google Groups, and Yahoo Groups. You have to be a member to access them.

Text Analytics World
Text Analytics
Taxonomy Community of Practice
Association for Information Science and Technology
Sentiment Analysis Professional Network
Data & Text Analytics Professionals
Smart Data (SemanticWeb)

Interesting Sites

I have always found it fun to explore and share links to interesting sites or stories. Not all will have a text analytics connections.
Two journals that I read regularly are New Scientist (the best general science journal from Nature) and Scientific American Mind for the latest in cognitive science. I can't promise to update this list every day or week, but I think/hope you'll find material here to be interesting and informative.

The first item is from New Scientist, May 21, 2016 which discusses how spider silk acts like both a liquid and a solid. "Spider silk acts a both a liquid and a solid, a fest that could inspire new types of robots."

  Text Analytics Companies

There is an ever-changing and ever-growing set of companies that offer text analytics in one from or another. The list includes companies that refer to themselves as search companies or simply analytics. It is also includes large companies that do a while lot besides text analytics.

If you are a company that is doing some kind of text analytics and would like to be listed please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss what your company does.

A few of my favorites:
Expert System
BA Insight
Data Harmony

  Other Information Companies

The list of companies that are in the information space is huge and we are not going to maintain a complete list. The general categories include search, content mangement, information management, knowledge management, and taxonomy management. We may add a list at some point, but for now, it is a large research project for a new hire or intern.

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