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  Consulting Services

Strategy Consulting
The KAPS Group offers a broad range of information and knowledge strategy consulting options with a focus on text analytics as a foundation for multiple applications

Smart Start
The KAPS Group offers a service we call the Smart Start. It covers everything from software selection to building a foundation to training your employees.

Next Level Consulting
For organizations that are not satisfied with their text analytics or search engine initiative, we have a process to take them to the next level using our Deep Text approach.

Text Analytics Vendor Consulting
Thie KAPS Group partners with many text analytics companies and we offer multiple services to those companies.

  Application Services

Search and Info Apps
Enterprise search needs text analytics to finally live up to its potential. In addition, there are multiple search-based application or Info Apps that also utilize text analytics.

SharePoint Development
SharePoint offers support for metadata and taxonomies, but what is needed is text analytics to both develop and to semi-automatically apply that metadata and texonomies

Social Media & Sentiment
Adding Deep Text to social media analysis and sentiment analysis can dramatically improve the depth and accuracy of that analysis in applications such as business intelligence, voice of the customer and an ever increasing number of applications.

Deep Text Survey
The KAPS Group has a semi-automated process that can analyze the free text portions of a survey to supplement human analysts and produce better, faster, and cheaper results.

  Development Services

Taxonomy / Ontology Design and Development
Using our text analytics tools, the KAPS Group can design and develop advanced taxonomies or ontologies. for a variety of applications.

Taxonomy Customization
If you have an existing taxonomy or ontology, we can evaluate it and customize and refine it to work with text analytics categorization rules.

Text Analytics Development
Our core service is developing text analytics capabilities and resources such as "catonomies" (combination of a taxonomy and associated categorization rules). These resources are a foundation for multiple applications.

Knowledge Management Development
Text analytics can greatly enhance KM and we can develop a rich Deep Text foundation for KM initiatives such as communities of practice and expertise locatioon.

  Training and Workshops

Introduction to Text Analytics - 3 hour workshop
The 3 hour workshop presents an overview of text analytics from getting started to ROI to development best practices to the latest applications.

Full Day Custom Workshop
This workshop is a larger version that is customized and includes an organization's content and information needs.

2-5 Day Training Courses
This is a custom training offering that includes hands on exercises with specifc text analytics software but includes best practices.

2-4 Week Training Courses
This is an expanded training course that is designed to fully train an organization's selected employees so they are prepared to function as a text analytics developer.

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