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Information Overload

The solution for information overload?
Add structure to all that unstructured content

Unstructured content has exploded in the last couple of decades and organizations have been struggling with how to utilize this content in the same productive ways they utilized structured content. Search and content management vendors have been promising to fix the situation since the explosion started - with less than impressive results.

The missing ingredient = Text Analytics (categorization, extraction, sentiment)

With the development of text analytics which enables the key capability of economically adding structure to unstructured content, the situation is finally beginning to look manageable and solvable.

However, adding text analytics to an organization is not a simple task and it must be done correctly to insure real world solutions. The KAPS Group has had a long and successful history of working with all aspects of text analytics, combining a deep theoretical grounding with immediate practical applications, and we can help any organization or enterprise apply this rich new technology to solve the problems of unstructured content.

The KAPS Group has developed a wide range of services and approaches to help solve the myriad information and knowledge challenges of too much and badly organized content. Our approach is based on the idea of a semantic infrastructure that is the foundation for effectively organizing and applying information and knowledge of all kinds. This infrastructure consists of an enterprise's content & content structure, technology, and a people or social dimension.

The maturity of text analytics software and new approaches has enabled the KAPS Group to develop this semantic infrastructure quickly and economically - either as a foundation project or as part of a simple application project like enterprise search, voice of the customer, or an auto-categorization application. Once the infrastructure is in place, additional semantic applications can build on the infrastructure to develop intelligent applications at a fraction of the cost and effort.

We offer services in four major areas: Design, Development, Applications, and Training.

4 Types of Services

1.) Design Services. Includes evaluation of text analytics software, strategic consulting for how text analytics can be used throughout an organization which can include a knowledge architecture audit, and the design of taxonomies, entity-fact catalogs, categorization structures, and ontologies.

2.) Development Services. Includes taxonomy development, creating categorization and extraction capabilities, ontology development, and the creation of a research platform for combining text analytics, text mining, and data mining.

3.) Application Services. Includes enterprise search and search based applications, KM portal and intranets, E-Discovery, Voice of the customer and other social media applications, and expertise analysis and location.

4.) Training and Workshops. In addition to the professional services described above, we also offer a variety of training classes and workshops. These can be from a 3 hour webinar to a 3 day in depth training on advanced topics such as faceted navigation design and enterprise content management.

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