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Two New Text Analytics Services

Text analytics can open up the 90% of business information locked in unstructured text. But too many companies don't know enough about what text analytics is and what it can do - and that means it is hard to get executive buy-in.

Two new KAPS Group services aim to address both issues.

A Text Analytics Strategy Workshop

Text Analytics Overview. The first, a customized 3 hour text analytics strategy workshop, provides an in-depth overview of text analytics based on the book, Deep Text. This presentation is accompanied by demos of leading text analytics development software. Together, they create a common understanding of what text analytics is and what it can do. We have found that creating this common understanding is essential to creating a successful strategy.

Knowledge Audit. The second step is to conduct a series of discussions and focus groups to develop a deeper understanding of the organization's information environment. This includes:

  • Full range of content and use cases
  • Publishing processes including adding metadata
  • Existing taxonomies, ontologies, and other knowledge organizations
  • Current and projected applications
  • Existing and planned information technologies
  • Any organizational obstacles

Text Analytics Strategy/Road Map. The final step is developing an initial plan and road map to guide the organization next steps in developing a robust text analytics capability. This could be a high level strategy document and/or a plan for an initial text analytics project.

A Real Life Mini-POC

Seeing is Believing. The second new service is a one week Mini-POC that creates something that everyone can see in action. This is essential to getting buy in throughout the organization. It creates a real application with your actual content and that is something that can appeal to all audiences from IT to the executive suite.

New Techniques. The Mini-POC utilizes advanced content modeling and new auto-categorization techniques that together dramatically improve the accuracy of auto-categorization and reduce the effort to build and maintain categorization rules.

Using either the output from the Text Analytics Strategy Workshop or an initial high level call, the process begins with the selection of representative content and taxonomy categories. We then develop a content model and using that model, we build categorization or auto-tagging rules that get 95%+ accuracy.

Real Life Content and Application The output of the Mini-POC is a demo that can be shared and can create a concrete real life example of text analytics in action. The Mini-POC can provide a compelling argument for starting the process of building a text analytics capability and constitutes the first step toward building a foundation for multiple text analytics-powered applications. It can also be used to take any exiting text analytics initiatives to a new level of accuracy and productivity.

If you want to know more about these two new services and how the KAPS Group can help you get started using advanced text analytics, please contact us at KAPS Group Customer Relations or call 510.922.9554.

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